Contemporary fine art
Internationaly Acclaimed Sculptor

Valentin Vassilev

About Me


  • A free Artist and Sculptor
  • Valentin Fine Art
    LA California

    My art is based on human forms, which express the dynamics of the soul and powerful energy of the creative mind.My sculptures resonate love and compassion for humanity, the power of the Nature and the energy of Spiritual presence.
    In the last 30 Years, I have been involved in many public art projects both individually or with a team. In addition my art has been shown in Exhibitions,Galleries, Museums,Art Forums and numerous Private Collecttions all over the World.

  • Sculptor
  • for some of the best Special Effects Houses in Hollywood
    Los Angeles, CA

    My film credits as a Sculptor include:
    • Titanic: Member of the Oscar winning Crew for Best Visual Effects.
    • The Fifth Element
    • Godzilla
    • Bicentennial Man
    • The Arrival
    • Megiddo
    • The Core
    • Dante,s Peak
    • Deep Impact
    • Kill Bill
  • Sculptor
  • Movie Industry

    My years in the Entertainment Industry have given me the ability to handle projects with diverse art style from Ancient Egiptian to Art Deco

  • Independent contractor and Sculptor
    • Digital Domain - Venice, CA
    • Dream Works - Los Angelis, CA
    • Dream Quest - Simy Valley, CA
    • Landmark Entertainment Group
    • Merv Griffin Productions


Additional Information

Honors and Awards:
  • Winner of Special Award - medal and diploma from the President of Biennale Internationale Dell, Arte Contemporanea, Florence Italy
  • Member of the Oscar winning Crew for Best Visual Effects for the movie Titanic.
  • Member of "International Who is Who of Professionals". The WHO,S WHO Historical Society has been documenting biographies on successful professionals since 1928
  • Winner of the competition for the monument of st. st.Ciril and Metodii - The Founders of The Cirilic Alfabet. The Monument is located in the city of Odessa Ukraine
My art has been shown in Exhibitions, Galleries, Museums, Art forums and numerous Private Collections all over the World.

Art forums in Europe: Bazel Art in Switzerland, Frankfurt Art Fair in Germany, Gent LineArt, International Art Fair-20th century, Biennale Internacionale Dell' Arte Contemporanea - Florence, Italy.

Galleries - Exhibitions - Museums:
  • Lankershim Art Center - North Hollywood, CA
  • Artist of the mont - ArtShare, LA, CA
  • Drachten Art 2001 - Nederlands
  • The Great Wall Exhibition - China
  • Gallery Systeme - Toronto, Canada
  • Svit Ozor Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Eva Dorog Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
  • East Wast Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • Artichoke Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
  • Gallery 612, Laguna Beach, CA
  • Represented exclusively in Europe by Gallery Raphael
    Frankfurt, Germany, since 1987.

  • National Museum of Foreign Art, Sofa, Bulgaria

TV and Radio Shows - Publications:
  • CNN global news covering the honoration of the Sculptures as it was given to the Bethene-Cookman College President, Dr. Oswald P. Bronson - Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • Noho-LA, North Hollywood Newspaper, article "Sclupt Fiction" by Anthony McBride
  • Noho-LA, North Hollywood Newspaper, article "On the wall" by Anthony McBride
  • Art in America, US magazine
  • Sci-Fi and Cinefex - US magazine
  • Bazel Art general catalog, Bazel, Switzerland
  • Bienale Internazionale general catalog, Florence, Italy
  • Interviews in various newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, BBC - Bulgarian section, Voice of America.

Private collectors - such as: